Sedaconda ACD

Sedaconda ACD (Anaesthetic Conserving Device) is a medical device enabling delivery of inhaled anaesthetics to invasively ventilated patients.

The Sedaconda ACD is inserted in the breathing circuit between the endotracheal tube (ET tube) and the Y-piece and contains an evaporator which enables vaporisation of inhaled anaesthetics.

Thanks to an effective carbon filter in the Sedaconda ACD, approximately 90% of the exhaled anaesthetic is adsorbed during expiration and reflected back to the patient during inspiration, reducing the drug consumption. The Sedaconda ACD is also a very efficient Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) and contains a bacterial/viral filter.

Inspiration and Expiration

At the start of inspiration, air is transported from the ventilator and passes through the Sedaconda ACD. Liquid anaesthetic agent from the syringe pump, delivered via the anaesthetic agent line, is evaporated and transported with the airflow to the patient.

During expiration, approximately 90% of the anaesthetic agent is adsorbed by the reflector in the Sedaconda ACD.

At the next inspiration, anaesthetic agent is released from the reflector in the Sedaconda ACD together with new evaporated anaesthetic agent and transported with the airflow to the patient.