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Bringing inhaled sedation to intensive care


We pave the way for a paradigm shift in sedation in the intensive care through knowledge sharing and clinical research.

Science & Clinical research

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Sedasource is an online resource for you who would like to take part of the scientific evidence on the sedation of critically ill patients. Here you will find scientific material to increase your knowledge about how and why the choice of sedation strategy can make a difference and what evidence is available to support the implementation of inhaled sedation in intensive care.

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Our research

We believe in working in partnerships in our research projects, with the aim of continued development and medical advances for the benefit of patients in intensive care.

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Sedana Medical Research Grant

One of the missions for Sedana Medical is to improve patient outcome through medical innovation. Sedana Medical Research Grant (SMRG), established in 2019, is an integral part of this mission.

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IIT, Investigator Initiated Trials

Sedana Medical is supporting investigator-initiated studies in addition to our own clinical studies that help create a strong, long-term scientific platform for inhaled sedation.