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Scavenging Tube

Scavenging Tube

The Scavenging Tube is a one piece pre-connected tube, that is designed to channel anaesthetic waste gas from the ventilator exhaust port and the gas monitor exhaust port to the FlurAbsorb filter. It connects the exhaust of the ventilator and the gas monitor to an active or passive scavenging system such as FlurAbsorb or FlurAbsorb-S.

  • Device Classification: Class I
  • Use: Single patient
  • Reference Number: 1026057
  • Disposal: according to hospital  protocol
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 10 connectors

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Intended use

The Scavenging Tube is usable with all ventilators compatible with 22F or 30F connectors.

The device is intended for use in a professional healthcare environment by trained medical personnel.


22M x 800 mm

Gas monitor exhaust line

2.1 m

Exhaust connector


Detachable exhaust connector


Instruction for Use Scavenging Tube (IFU)