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FlurAbsorb Accessory Kit (Hamilton T1/C-series)

FlurAbsorb Accessory Kit (Hamilton T1/C-series)

The FlurAbsorb Accessory Kit contains 5 different items. It connects the exhaust of the ventilator and the gas monitor to an active or passive scavenging system such as FlurAbsorb or FlurAbsorb-S.

  • Use: Single patient
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years from Date of Manufacturing
  • Reference Number: 2026076
  • Disposable: according to hospital protocol
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 5 accessory kits

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To be used in conjunction with FlurAbsorb Ref: 26096 or FlurAbsorb-S Ref: 26094 for ventilators: Hamilton T1/C-series.



22M x 800 mm

Oxygen Tube

1.8 m

Hamilton adapter

30M/Hamilton exhaust (23 mm)

Swivel Connector