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Dryline™ II Water Trap

Dryline™ II Water Trap

The DRYLINE II Water Traps are intended for protection of side stream gas analyzers integrated in medical host systems such as patient monitors, anaesthesia machines and ventilators, from water, dust and bacterial contamination. The water trap is easy to empty, just twist and pull the container relative to the filter housing, no syringe is needed. Dryline II has an inbuilt electronic switch which automatically detects and ensure correct installation and adjustment of the gas flow. The water traps are supplied non-sterile.

  • Use: Replace the complete water trap every month or more often if the host instrument indicates this
  • Device Classification: Class I
  • Reference Number: 26083
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 10 water traps

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Water Trap:
Patient category: Adult and Pediatric
Color coding: Color-less
Weight: 11 g
Fluid Container: 12 ml
Sample flow: 120 – 200 ml/min
Maximum emptying interval (37oC, 100% RH): • 17 hours @ 200 ml/min
• 26 hours @ 120 ml/min
Anti-bacterial filter: 0.45 um pore size.
Sampling line port: Sampling line port Female Luer-lock connector
(ISO 594-1/2).
Materials: Top cover: Copolyester; Filter housing and Fluid Container: Styrene-Butadiene (SB) copolymer; Bacterial filter: PVDF and PET; Self-sealing filters: Polyethylene; Container seal: Fluor rubber (FPM); Connector Sealing: TPE, Mediprene 500450M.
Material characteristics: Non-toxic, non-absorbing and non-diffusing for all breathing gases and inhaled anaesthetic agents.
Service Interval: Replace the entire Water Trap once a month.