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Improving life during and beyond sedation

Sedaconda ACD

Sedaconda ACD

Sedaconda ACD* is a medical device enabling administration of inhaled anaesthetics to intubated, mechanically ventilated patients. Its unique and innovative design enables simple, effective, and predictable delivery of inhaled anaesthetics.

*formerly known as AnaConDa

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Sedaconda ACD L

Sedaconda ACD-L

Sedaconda ACD-L is a disposable medical device which enables the administration of volatile anaesthe…

Sedaconda ACD short tube

Sedaconda ACD-S

Sedaconda ACD-S is a medical device which enables the administration of volatile anaesthetics (isofl…

Sedaconda Syringe Lowres

Sedaconda Syringe

The Sedaconda Syringe is a 50/60ml syringe with a unique connection to fit the connector on the agen…

Sedaconda ACD Starter Kit (1)

Sedaconda ACD Starter Kit

The Sedaconda ACD starter kit contains one Sedaconda ACD-S, and all the ancillary accessories requir…