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Mindray exhaust connector

Mindray exhaust connector

The Mindray exhaust connector enables to connect the exhaust of the ventilator to an active or passive scavenging system. Sedana Medical provides the passive gas scavenging filter FlurAbsorb or FlurAbsorb-S.

  • Device Classification: Class I
  • Use: Single patient
  • Reference Number: 1026063
  • Disposal: according to hospital  protocol
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 10 connectors

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To be used in conjunction with FlurAbsorb (ref. no. 26096) and FlurAbsorb-S. (ref. no. 26094) for Mindray ventilators: SV300/SV350/SV300 Pro/SV350Pro/SV600/SV650/SV850/SV800.

Instruction for Use Mindray exhaust connector