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Sedaconda ACD Starter Kit

Sedaconda ACD Starter Kit

The Sedaconda® ACD starter kit contains one Sedaconda® ACD-S, and all the ancillary accessories required to set up and start using the device. A simplified picture of the Sedaconda® ACD set-up is printed inside the box, to guide the user.

The Sedaconda ACD starter kit contains:

  • Sedaconda® ACD-S
  • FlurAbsorb-S
  • FlurAbsorb-S mount
  • FlurAbsorb accessory kit
  • Respiratory Gas Monitoring Line
  • Nafion Dryer Tubing
  • Sedaconda® syringe
  • Reference Number: 2026030
  • Packaging unit: 6 starter kits per box

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Intended Use

The Sedaconda® ACD starter kit is designed to facilitate the initial setup of an Sedaconda® ACD.

The Sedaconda® ACD starter kit contains all the necessary components and connections, to support an easy and quick set-up.