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Sedaconda Filling Adapter

Sedaconda Filling Adapter

The Sedaconda® Filling Adapter is a Class I, single-use medical device. It is designed to fit a standard threaded Sedaconda® bottle. Once attached to the bottle, the adapter cannot be removed. The device can be used multiple times for filling and has a life time of 2 weeks once placed on the bottle. The adapter is designed to only fit the Sedaconda Syringe and cannot be connected to a standard luer lock, for safety reasons.

  • Device Classification: Class I
  • To be used for a maximum of 2 weeks after being placed on Sedaconda® bottle
  • If there is greater than 20ml of isoflurane remaining in the bottle during disposal, discard according to hospital guidelines
  • Packaging Unit: 6 adapters per box
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1 box containing 6 adapters 

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Intended Use

The Sedaconda® Filling Adapter is a single-use device, intended for the safe and easy extraction of isoflurane from a Sedaconda® bottle to a Sedaconda® Syringe.