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Bringing inhaled sedation to intensive care


Vishnu Narayanan

Electronic Engineer, Sweden

"It feels good to see the products getting shaped as the design grows and gets launched into the market".

Vishnu N Webb

Tell us about how you encountered Sedana Medical and why you joined Sedana Medical.

I first came to know about Sedana Medical while I was working on a thesis for my master’s degree, in the field of respiratory ventilation. I always wanted to continue working in the same field and fortunately, at the same time, I met one of the existing employees who introduced me to Sedana Medical. When I met the team, I learned about the interesting R&D projects ongoing and realized the tremendous possibilities where I could make an impact. I didn’t waste a moment, I applied for the position, and here I am.

What do you do as an Electronic Engineer?

As the job title suggests, I take care of the electronics that go into our new products. My role involves a lot of collaboration and interaction among the whole R&D team. From understanding requirements, designing the architecture of the electronics, making prototypes for testing our modular designs, and ensuring the safety of the product, my responsibilities are varied. Working in R&D involves a lot of interaction with other departments and getting their input whenever a new product is designed.

Making sure the designs follow all the relevant standards and meet the test requirements is part of my job. I also work closely with manufacturing facilities to make sure that the designs are suitable for manufacturing and testing.

What brings you the most joy in this role?

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone. I must say we have a great team full of enthusiasm and focused on achieving the same goal, which makes work exciting. Since the team is small, there is a higher chance of making a big impact. It feels good to see the products getting shaped as the design grows and gets launched into the market.

What stands out for Sedana Medical as an employer?

Sedana Medical is a rapidly growing company that has marked its presence globally. This can only be achieved when every employee works towards the same goal, and Sedana Medical makes it a point to focus on the goals. The company has a very diverse team with people from different backgrounds and Sedana Medical as an employer values each of its employees and keeps them together.