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Bringing inhaled sedation to intensive care

AnaConDa StarterKit

AnaConDa StarterKit

The AnaConDa Starter Kit contains one AnaConDa-S, and all the ancillary accessories required to set up and start using the device. A simplified picture of the AnaConDa set-up is printed inside the box, to guide the user.

The AnaConDa StarterKit contains:

  • AnaConDa-S
  • FlurAbsorb-S
  • FlurAbsorb-S mount
  • FlurAbsorb accessory kit
  • Respiratory Gas Monitoring Line
  • Nafion Dryer Tubing
  • AnaConDa syringe
  • Single-Use Standard Iso/Sevo Adapter
  • Reference Number: 26030
  • Packaging unit: 6 starter kits per box

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Intended Use

The AnaConDa Starter Kit is designed to facilitate the initial setup of an AnaConDa.

The starter kit contains all the necessary components and connections, to support an easy and quick set-up.