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Gas Monitor AMG-06

Gas Monitor AMG-06

Gas Monitor AMG-06 is intended for continuous non-invasive sidestream monitor-ing of CO2 & anaesthetics concentration in inspired and expired gases. The device also determines Respiratory Rate, apnea, MAC index and measures atmospheric pressure in operating rooms and wards when providing anaesthetic support.

  • Device Classification: II
  • Size & weight: 170 x 155 x 135 mm, 1,5 kg
  • Screen: 5-inch Colour touchscreen
  • Battery: Internal battery allows 2 hours use
  • Menu Language: 16 different languages
  • Gas flow rate: 50 – 250 ml/min
  • Warm up time: 45 sec
  • Package contents: 1 Power adapter with 2 plugs (EU and UK) and 1 Adult water trap
  • Reference Number: 943129
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs

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Accessories Reference Number Minimum Order Quantity
Watertrap 26083 1 SKU contains 10 water traps
Power adapter 551921 1 base unit/SKU
UK plug 552843 1 base unit/SKU
EU plug 552844 1 base unit/SKU
AU plug 554151 1 base unit/SKU

The Legal Manufacturer of the Multigas Analyzer AMG-06, Treaton, has after one single complaint found a possible instability in the AMG-06 measurement algorithms.

Please see the Field Safety Notice (July 2021) and Field Safety Notice (Aug 2021) issued by the Quality Department at Treaton.

If you notice any instability according to the FSN please contact Sedana Medical Customer Service Centre for further guidance.