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Bringing inhaled sedation to intensive care


James Toland

Head of R&D, Ireland

"The most joy I get from this role would be the satisfaction when a new product is launched onto the market."

Sedana Porträtt James

Tell us about how you encountered Sedana Medical and why you joined Sedana Medical?

I first heard of Sedana Medical a few years ago. I live very close to where the Irish office is based and when I learned about a medical device company, specializing in Research & Development (R&D) being located there, to be completely honest, I was shocked as the town would not be somewhere one would associate with medical device development.

The reason I joined Sedana Medical is thanks to other employees who all spoke about the interesting R&D projects being worked on and that’s what encouraged me most to join.

What do you do as Head of R&D Ireland?

My role as Head of R&D Ireland is very varied. Our R&D team is very collaborative and works very well together. R&D projects are not always an easy process, it is important to work cross-functionally with other departments and to navigate everyone’s opinion to help drive the projects forward. 

Sedana Medical is looking at methods to make our products as simple to use as possible. I am involved in looking at methods to improve how a customer may interact with a product - from packaging, instruction manuals, and to the product itself – to make the experience as user-friendly as possible.

I am also looking at potential new products. We have a portfolio of potential products, however, it is choosing the correct ones and allocating the right resources to them which is the difficult part. At Sedana Medical we have a process for product development that includes cross-functional and parallel activities involving many parts of our organisation.

What brings you the most joy in this role?

The most joy I get from this role would be the satisfaction when a new product is launched onto the market. However, getting new products to the market has been very difficult the last two years due to the pandemic.

What stands out for Sedana Medical as an employer?

I would say that Sedana Medical as an employer, values its employees and opinions irrelevant of position within the company. In my opinion, Sedana Medical listens to internal feedback and that is something I react positively to.